Patti Bradfield


The Co-Founders

Together Again!


Jenee Bobbora

Thank you Dr. C, Jenee & Patti!

With your idea, persistence and dedication to educate, The IBC Foundation became a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Big Thank You From “Kids” to Dr. C

Samantha & Jack Stephens, daughter and son of Peggy Stephens, presented Dr. C with two amazing items on behalf of all the kids that were given one more day…

  1. Large coffee cup with “Best Freakin’ Doctor Ever!” Love Sam & Jack Stephens.
  2. A very personalized coloring book with the most fantastic caricature of Dr. C on the front and a box of coloring pencils.

Dr. C was thrilled to say the least.

Thank you Sam & Jack!