Part of our mission to successfully educate the public about IBC is through events hosted by and linked to our organization. The objective is to reach out to as many people possible and get them connected to EraseIBC to further our efforts to spread awareness about Invasive Breast Cancer. Our most recent event, was coordinated by the Doherty Family. 

Thank you to the Doherty Family! Your event was clearly a success and you educated hundreds of people. We are sorry for the loss of your mother, but your event was a true testament to your love for her.

Thank You


Here is a snippet of the letter we received:
“As background for how our IBC Awareness Event came about, I was on your website and clicked on the YouTube video, The Silent Killer: Inflammatory Breast Cancer done by KOMOI watched this video several times and was so moved by what i heard. When I heard Patti Bradfield say “ignorance is causing death” and then saw her on the street corner handing out brochures to educate women, I knew this is what we needed to do to fulfill our mom’s request.
Our IBC Awareness event was attended by just over 250 women. We got so many replies, we changed the venue three times to be able to accommodate this group. They came with such interest in being educated and listened so intently, you could hear a pin drop in the room. Amazing for sure!!!
Wow, we have been brought to tears…