Our Mission

Founded in 2007….our mission is to change the perceived notion that all breast cancers have a lump. The medical community has not been educated to a degree where they can catch this deadly form of breast cancer earlier than stage IIIB. This is not acceptable.

We will do a national canvas of medical continuing education seminars, radio shows, television, in person interviews and reach as many people as possible to spread the word there is more than one type of breast cancer, and that IBC can be deadly if not diagnosed properly. Countless women are fighting their own health care physicians to get a proper diagnosis, which has to stop. Through education and awareness, this can change.

Among our supporters are men and women who have lost wives, sisters, mothers and daughters. We all know that regular breast cancer has been researched and many good things have come from what other grass roots organization’s have done. We all know what the Pink Ribbon stands for, that women and men should look for a lump.

Now we need to educate with every medium that is earthly possible that there is a breast cancer that we have not been told about.

And we will

1st IBC Clinic Opening ~ 2006



Advocates and patients came from such places as Idaho, Washington State, Illinois and London England in 2006 at the opening of the first IBC Clinic in Houston Texas. This picture is hanging in the clinic as testament to the advocates and doctors who had a vision that culminated in this first of its kind facility at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


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