~ Giving Back & Congratulations ~

IBCF, EraseIBC is making washable, cotton masks and donating to those in need. If you would like a mask, please send us an email to info@eraseibc.org -specify either male or female and either a child or adult. Someone will email you back with available fabric choices.

Mask Features:

  1. Nose Band – You can mold it to your face
  2. Filter pocket – You can add a filter of your choice you would like the added protection. We had added a blue shop towel in the bag, if desired. Change often. Please remove before washing
  3. Elastic – You can untie and retie the elastic to your desired length. After tying, pull knot into the folded fabric for comfort.
  4. Masks are washable!

Also, congratulations are in order for 3 of our board members – Jeannine Donohue, Edie Millet and Peggy Stephens. They all had their cancerversaries in April: 13 years, 16 years and 13 years respectively! Thank you for all you do  ❤️

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